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Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas ,goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy customer and organizational objectives . Despite the availability of high powered computers and sophisticated software capable of analyzing massive amounts of data, marketing is still more of an art rather than a science. Each business must customize its marketing efforts in response to its environment and the exchange process. Consequently no two marketing strategies are same.

A prime guideline for marketing success is to realize that establishing customer satisfaction should be the company number one priority .The only people who really know what customers want are the customers themselves. A company that realizes this will develop a marketing mentality that facilitates information gathering and maintains effective communication with the primary reason for the company’s existence

A second guideline is to establish a company image that clearly reflects the values and aspirations of the company to employees, customers, intermediaries, and the general public .

Third while marketing requires work that is clearly distinct from other business activities, it should be central to the entire organization .Marketing is the aspect of the business that customers see.

Fourth, the business should develop a unique strategy that is consistent with the circumstances that it faces. The marketer must adapt basic marketing principles to the unique product being sold. Imitating what other organizations do without fully understanding one’s own situation is a dangerous strategy.

Finally technological progress dictates how marketing will be performed in the future. Because of computer technology inventiveness, both consumers and business are better informed. Knowledge is the most important competitive advantage. The world is one market, and information is changing at light speed.

Marketing strategy includes mapping out the organization's heading for the pending arranging time frame, regardless of whether that be three, five or ten years. It includes undertaking a 360° survey of the firm and its working condition with the end goal of recognizing new business openings that the firm could conceivably use for upper hand. Key arranging may likewise uncover advertise dangers that the firm may need to consider for long haul sustainability. Strategic arranging makes no suspicions about the firm proceeding to offer similar items to similar clients into what's to come. Rather, it is worried about recognizing the business openings that are probably going to be effective and assesses the company's ability to use such chances. It tries to distinguish the vital hole; that is the distinction between where a firm is right now arranged (the key reality or incidental strategy) and where it ought to be arranged for manageable, long haul development (the key purpose or conscious strategy).


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